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FTG's 1:1 Initiative - BYOD

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Responsibilities - Parents

Your son/daughter has been issued a ChromeBook/notebook computer computer to improve and personalize his/her education this year. It is essential that the following policies and rules be followed to ensure that your son/daughter receives the maximum benefit from the use of the computer and that the computer is used in a safe, efficient and ethical manner.

• I understand that my son/daughter will not be allowed bring the ChromeBook/notebook computer home until all holds are cleared against his/her name and payment have been made.

• I understand there is a non-refundable user fee I must pay for my child to use a school-owned ChromeBook/personal notebook computer.

• I will supervise my son/daughter’s use of the notebook computer at home.

• As a family, we will discuss appropriate places to use the computer to ensure its safety from dropping and damage.

• I will discuss our family’s values and expectations regarding the use of the Internet and email at home and will supervise my son’s daughter’s use of the computer to access the Internet and email accounts.

• I will not attempt to repair the notebook computer, nor will I attempt to clean it with anything other than a soft, dry cloth.

• I will report to the school any problem with my son’s/daughter’s ChromeBook/notebook computer immediately.

• I will not attempt to delete any software from the ChromeBook/notebook computer.

• I will make sure my son/daughter recharges the notebook computer battery nightly.

• If my son/daughter does not take their device to school with them, they may be required to complete an alternate assignment if the ChromeBook/notebook computer is being used in class and will still be responsible for completing the missing computer assignment.

• I understand that only a portion of my child’s instruction and assignments will be completed using technology. there will be traditional instruction and assignments required of my child.

• I understand that if my son/daughter deliberately damages the computer or through gross negligence allows damage to the computer, there may be a claim fee for repairing/replacing the device and/or my child may face consequences up to and including the loss of computer use privileges or suspension.

• I agree to make sure the ChromeBook/notebook computer is returned to the school when requested and upon my son’s/daughter’s withdrawal from Fort Gibson Public Schools.

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