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2023-2024 All School Musical
"Legally Blonde"

November 17, 18, & 19, 2023

Fort Gibson High School Auditorium

"Legally Blonde" Digital Program

Tiger Theatre Club Member and Officer Guidelines


Membership in the Fort Gibson High School Drama Club is earned through a point system
where students complete work in academic, acting, and technical theatre.  A minimum of ten points is required to be initiated into the club, and students may remain active members during their enrollment at Fort Gibson High School (FGHS) by continuing to earn points each year.  The point system initiation regulations include:
    1.  You must earn a total of 50 points to be initiated.

    2.  The 50 points must include production/support/technical points.
    3.  Points may be earned from the eighth grade year on, but students may not be initiated before their freshman year.
    4.  The sponsor may give points above or below the scale at his or her discretion to be based on the quality of the students work.
    5.  Initiates must complete a point form and have the form initialed by the sponsor of each activity listed.
    6.  Two initiations will be held each year--one fall and one spring.
    7.  Students must continue to earn points each year to remain an active member and participate in Club activities and trips.
    8.  The sponsor may place any member or officer on inactive status for "ethical  or disciplinary" issues to include ineligibility.  When on inactive status, the member may not participate in Club activities.
    9.  Point scale can be obtained from Mrs. Wicks in Room 126.


Meetings will be held monthly on a regularly scheduled basis.  All members will be given a meeting date notice at the beginning of each academic year.  Any special meetings will be announced in advance by the school intercom system and postings at the drama room.  The President, with the assistance of all other officers, will preside over all meetings.  In absence of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, or the Treasurer will preside the meeting--in that order.  No meeting or club business shall be conducted without the presence of the sponsor and/or approval of all business by the sponsor.  Members must attend 50 percent of meetings to be eligible to attend activities, run for office, and/or vote for officers.

    Officer meetings will be held prior to regular club meetings as necessary and will be arranged and announced to all officers by the President.  All officers must be present at regularly scheduled club meetings and officer meetings unless on an excused school absence.  Officers may earn the maximum number of office points for perfect attendance at the meetings.

Officer Elections and Duties: 

Officer elections will be held at the final club meeting in May whenever possible.  Officers will be elected by a majority vote of all initiated members.  Officer positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Technical Representative.  Officers will be subject to placement on inactive status as any other club member as stated above for issues including "ethical or disciplinary," ineligibility, non-participation in club activities, or negligence of officer duties.  Officer candidates must complete a teacher and principal recommendation form and receive favorable recommendations to run for office.

All officers will be required to participate in all fundraisers, serve on play technical crew as assigned by sponsor, and attend all functions.

In addition:

Must be a senior during the term of office and do the following:

-report on all club activities to sponsor
-oversee all club activities
-help run all play auditions

Vice President: 
Must be a junior or senior during term of office and do the following:

-oversee float entry
-oversee initiation ceremonies
-oversee banquet
-help run all play auditions

Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior and do the following

-take and prepare hard copy of minutes of all meetings
-keep attendance records of all meetings
-complete all paperwork and forms as assigned by sponsor
-oversee completion and point totals of initiation forms
-present initiation list to all officers and sponsor for approval
-handle all t-shirt orders and fund collections

Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior and do the following

-prepare, organize, and tally all receipts from activities and fund-raisers as assigned by sponsor

Technical Representative:
Must be a junior or senior and do the following

-oversee all play technical crews and report to sponsor
-serve as stage manager if so requested by sponsor
-serve as technical assistant to Vice President on float committee

**These member guidelines may be updated at any time by permission of the sponsor and a majority of the officers.

Cast members have the option of obtaining corporate sponsorship.  These sponsorships will help pay costume fees of the individual actor and the play as a whole.  Also, drama club members can gain one point by raising $100 from sponsors.  The sponsors will be listed in the thank yous that appear in the plays program.  All donations go towards replacing the auditorium curtains. Those who have donated have banners in the auditorium.

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